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Research and Development Program

Hy-Tek manufacturing Engineering R&D department focuses on the conceptualization, prototype development, commercialization and mass production of new and innovative solutions for the United States Department of Defense and its commercial customers. HMC continues to proudly support new DoD programs through its involvement in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Within the SBIR program, HMC provides engineering design, prototype fabrication, testing, and on-site mass production of new and innovative products that increase the safety and lethality of U.S. Military warfighters.


HLRB - High Load Roller Bearing

The High Load Roller Bearing (HLRB) offers a reliable, zero-maintenance replacement for bearing sets currently deployed  on the helicopter hanger bay doors of U.S. Navy’s DDG-51Destroyer. The HLRB enhanced seal design prevents the ingress of liquids and particulates even under extreme environmental conditions and extreme off axis loading.


RCS FLAP Spring Assembly

HMC has developed a redesigned DDG AF Helicopter Bay Door Top Hinge Cover Spring Assembly. The new RCS Flap Spring Assembly has been designed to improve the longevity and reliability of this critical U.S. Navy DDG Destroyer component.


MEPS - Modular Expeditionary Platform System

To overcome the limitations, costs, and risks associated with built in place wooden platforms, Hy-Tek Manufacturing Co. Inc. developed an innovative  platform  for use in constructing expeditionary shelters on forward operating bases. The Modular Expeditionary Platform System (MEPS) is comprised of lightweight and reusable interlocking floor tiles affixed to corner mounted adjustable platform leveling supports and articulating support feet. MEPS simplifies shelter construction logistics by providing a raised platform system that is modular, lightweight, rapidly deployable, reusable, and height adjustable.

Research and Development: Projects

WAVES - Water Vapor Extraction System

Hy-Tek Mfg. Co. Inc. (HMC) designed, fabricated and demonstrated an innovative technology devised specifically to achieve U.S. Army's water vapor reclamation goals. HMC engineers designed, fabricated, tested and optimized a Water Vapor Extraction System (WaVES) capable of reclaiming ~ 10 gallons of water per day from the water vapor and water particulate typically vented to ambient through exhaust fans of the 4 shower-stall Expeditionary TRICON Shower System (ETS) installed at U.S. Army Central Operating Bases (COBs).

Research and Development: Projects
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