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MEPS - Modular Expeditionary Platform System

To overcome the limitations, costs, and risks associated with built in place wooden platforms, Hy-Tek Manufacturing Co. Inc. developed an innovative  platform  for use in constructing expeditionary shelters on forward operating bases. The Modular Expeditionary Platform System (MEPS) is comprised of lightweight and reusable interlocking floor tiles affixed to corner mounted adjustable platform leveling supports and articulating support feet. MEPS simplifies shelter construction logistics by providing a raised platform system that is modular, lightweight, rapidly deployable, reusable, and height adjustable. Utilization of MEPS reduces shelter platform construction and disassembly time by removing the need for Class IV construction materials i.e. lumber, nails, caulk, and plywood sheets that are currently used to build semi-permanent structures. The height adjustable MEPS jack stands are designed and fabricated to facilitate logistically simple and rapid platform leveling atop highly uneven and rocky terrain, while the articulating support feet provide platform stability atop rocky or sloped terrain. The MEPS floor tiles are capable of supporting a 120-lbs/in2 point load and 65-lbs/ft2 uniform load.

MEPS - Modular Expeditionary Platform System: About Us
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