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WAVES - Water Vapor Extraction System

Major Cornerstones

Hy-Tek Mfg. Co. Inc. (HMC) designed, fabricated and demonstrated an innovative technology devised specifically to achieve U.S. Army's water vapor reclamation goals. HMC engineers designed, fabricated, tested and optimized a Water Vapor Extraction System (WaVES) capable of reclaiming ~ 10 gallons of water per day from the water vapor and water particulate typically vented to ambient through exhaust fans of the 4 shower-stall Expeditionary TRICON Shower System (ETS) installed at U.S. Army Central Operating Bases (COBs). WaVES has proven capacity to recover abundant shower vapor condensate while simultaneously generating cool dry air with which to cool the ETS enclosure. Importantly, the heat energy transported through the condenser section of WaVES is utilized for the production of preheated potable water. In addition to facilitating significant reduction in annual COB operating costs, WaVES technology enables the U.S. Army to participate in important natural resource recovery and conservation practices that support long-term COB sustainability.

WAVES - Water Vapor Extraction System: About Us
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