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Hy-Tek Manufacturing is made up of a talented team of 10 industry experts. Our employees come together to work towards our main mission of producing high-quality results for of all our clients’ needs. Together, we provide engineering solutions and make our communities run more efficiently.

Jonathan Bastian

Executive Director

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Courtenay Bowman

General Manager

Courtenay Bowman joined HMC in 2000 and was appointed to the Board of Directors 2016. Primary roles and responsibilities include; operations, finance, corporate strategy, resource allocation, supply chain management, procurement, new business development, customer interfacing, supplier development, process improvement and contract management. Previous positions include; project management (commercial & defense), quality systems, technical writing & customer service.

Contact John

Quality Manager

John Rood has worked as a machinist, and later as dept head of the turning department. John currently oversees the Quality Department as Quality Manager


Ben Riddle

Enough Said

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