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What We Offer

From small-scale figurines to industry-grade prototypes, we will do everything in our power to guide you towards the right decisions and a successful 3D printing experience.

Why Additive Manufacturing?

Adopting 3D printing does not require you to stop using other production techniques such as CNC. In fact, combining several technologies is an excellent way to improve the efficiency of the entire production process. For a huge number of simple parts, CNC may be the best option.
Another great advantage of 3D printing is that you can integrate assembly functions directly into your part. As a result, assembly time will be significantly reduced. Since the materials for the production of additives can be really tough, these parts of your items will not break. In addition, it will reduce costs because you won’t have to buy other parts, such as screws, and you will save valuable time. Here are the basic technologies that we use in our operations on a daily basis.

3D Printing: Our Services
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