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Nano-Materials Science

Recent developmental efforts have led HMC on a unique path utilizing nano-materials for a variety of new materials and composites. Research has focused on combining functionalized nano materials with advanced polymers to produce a new generation of materials including: Ultra-High temperature resistant sealants, anti-microbial tiles and films, high surface hardness paints and galvanic anti-corrosive primers. In May 2012, HMC announced the availability and production of a long-lasting runway/taxiway joint sealant. HMC’s JSHOT (Joint Sealant from High Operating Temperatures) product, coined J-1750, is capable of withstanding 1,750 deg. F without deterioration. Since its release, HMC has introduced two new products: J-1750 HD (Heavy Duty) and J-1750 NL (Non-Self-Leveling). J-1750HD and J-1750NL maintain the same thermo performance of J-1750, but have unique mechanical properties: J-1750 HD with improved durability for heavy traffic applications and J-1750 NL with increased viscosity for  elevated joints and to seal edges and corners. Purchase of J-1750, J-1750HD and J-1750NL can be made direct from HMC and will soon be available on GSA schedule. For additional information on JSHOT products, all inquiries should be sent to sales@hytekmfg.com

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